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mei 2013

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Gumball3000 The 15th Anniversary edition


Gumball 3000 (…) Being a petrol- or pistonhead there are a couple of things you do have to get done. Drive the Nordschleife, experience the Mulsane straight at Le Mans, follow in the trails of Stirling Moss in the Mille Miglia, eat some dust in the Paris Dakar and since 15 years you do have to end your petrol driven bucket list with at least one entire Gumball3000. Inspired by the Canonball Run Maximilian Cooper gave us a rallye that set the benchmark for all those out there driving their own Gumball inspired road trips…

Gumball 3000 was created in 1999 by ex-racing driver, designer and British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper; and was born from Cooper’s vision to combine cars, music, fashion and entertainment to create a pop culture lifestyle brand of the future. Cooper derived the word ‘Gumball’ from New York artist Andy Warhol after he used it to describe how the public chew up and spit out popular culture like chewing gum; and ‘3000’ as a nod to Cooper’s fascination with the future, particularly at a time when the world was about to enter the 21st Century. Cooper decided to launch his lifestyle brand concept by inviting 50 of his influential and celebrity friends to join him on a road-trip around Europe to experience an adrenaline fuelled-adventure, driving incredible cars and hosting glamourous parties each evening. This road-trip and its now legendary parties attended by the likes of Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue and Johnny Knoxville, was the first ‘Gumball 3000 Rally’ and rapidly caught the attention of the press and public alike, achieving mainstream media coverage across celebrity, fashion and automotive publications, gracing the covers of GQ, Esquire, FHM, CAR and The Financial Times. By 2001, the 6-day rally was televised internationally on MTV and the BBC to record audience figures, that gave rise to Gumball 3000 reaching the top of the Yahoo search engines, a result of which catapulted sales of Gumball 3000 branded T-shirts and baseball caps from hundreds of dollars to millions almost overnight. The brand was rapidly gaining the recognition Cooper had set out to achieve and the whole event by now has achieved a solid cult status amongst petrolheads worldwide. was present at the start of this years 15th Gumball3000 and had an exclusive meet en greet with team ‘Wolfpack’  and made sure we came home with a proper Q&A from them. Enjoy:

Guys, tell me; who are the core members of this year’s team ‘Wolfpack? The core members of the wolfpack are as follows : Ardy Akhavan & Matt Flaherty driving the R8 Gt, Mel Basar & Huda Mahdi driving Nissan GTR, Amit Dharamsey & Mahmood driving Aventador, Tunde Benak & Camron Collard driving Support Car.

An anniversary edition of the Gumball3000 (…) no pressure there… what were for team ‘Wolfpack’ the logical and solid ‘weapons of choice’  for this 15th edition? Why these? And off the shelve or bespoke modified items? And do tell us where you got the inspiration for the Skyline’s Godzilla livery… Well Patrick,  this year I picked up a brand new R8 V10 Plus GT from the Factory in Germany a week prior to the race, this is my third year using some variation of an audi R8. Mel provided a 2013 Nissan GTR which was a newer model than the one he ran in the year before. Both the cars had some modifications done, exterior wing for downforce, intake, exhaust, wheels, radar detector, laser jammers and of course the exterior wrap for looks and protection. The Wolfpack is has stuck with these cars simply because they are high performance but also reliable, pushing a car at these speeds for so many consecutive days is not what most exotics are meant for. The all wheel drive ability of these cars also makes them more stable for long rally hours at high speeds, especially through the rain that was always present during this years rally. The Gojira name is the only way to describe a japanese monster and that is exactly what the Nissan GTR represents, it may not be the most flashy car on the rally but many an exotic car saw the nissan tail lights over and over again. What made you as a team decide to enter the Gumball3000 and how was it? Overall? The 15th anniversary was a huge success for the wolfpack, this year we had 8 official members but by the end of the rally we did have a few new recruits tagging along that may become official next year. The gumball week goes by in a blur, often its not till the week after that you can piece together all the events and the order in which they occurred so its very difficult to pick one moment or even a few moments that really stand out. If I had to pick a memorable moment from this one, it would have to be the opening day party, all the gumballers dressed in black tie event attire as opposed to our usual gumball jacket and team shirts… rickshaws waiting to transport us from the hotel to the marina in which Team Wolfpack instantly got into racing gear even when powered by a human motor… Finally arriving at the marina to a red carpet that led to a series of military zodiac personal carriers that took us across the channel to the opera house that had been converted into a nightclub just for us. It was one of those fairy tale evenings, a well organized event and the beginning of the rally, the calm before the storm if you would, and once the gumballers are all together inside a storm did indeed brew. For myself, Mel, and Huda this was our second European Gumball so we had very high hopes, it is always more interesting to me to do the routes where you go through different countries and cultures as opposed to the USA based routes that go state from state. We had very high expectations from the 15th anniversary and to my delight I can say without hesitation that this was the best Gumball yet. What word of advice do you have for the Dutch petrolheads and Wolfpack fans? Well… The Wolfpack moves in mysterious ways, we are still thirsty for more road, even two weeks later the group still has recurring dreams of the gumball 3000 drive, something tells me the pack will be back for a 4th go but of course it all depends on the route. As far as advice for dutch petrol heads, I used to watch the gumball as a teenager with my older brother and jokingly always said someday I would do a gumball rally, it wasn’t until 15 years later that dream became a reality. Aim high but keep your head down, if there is one thing Gumball has taught me its to be more humble , there is always a bigger fish. Maybe not faster though…



© Patrick Quispel